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November 09, 2017 Mike Spruce

At School Diaries, we provide high-quality, transparently-priced products and services to schools, colleges and academies across the UK. We see pupils and teachers as the unique thinkers and learners that they are and provide fully customised print solutions that cater to the individual, not the masses. We offer everything from off-the-shelf planners to fully-personalised prospectuses. We’ll break down what we have to offer and how we can help your school below.

Student Planners: Standard A4, Termly A6, Customised

Our A4-sized student diaries come standard with extra safe and super resistant white plastic coil binding and a gloss laminated, full-colour front cover with back cover wiper board. Our smaller, A6-sized termly planners come with standard bookbinding to be as portable as possible. Each student planner includes an 8-page title section for personal details, timetable, weekly activities and clubs, calendar and notes pages, as well as a 94 page standard 5-day dated homework section, complete with sections for parent / teacher comments and attendance records. And our A4 diaries include a 68-page full-colour reference section filled with educational content including literacy, numeracy, science, global information, lifestyle and healthy living, and useful resources.

Our student planners can be as customised as you like with options available for a variety of sizes, front and back covers, additional inserts like a ruler, or even fully-customised planner pages and content. We can even help you create the design of the diary’s front and back cover with the skilled expertise of our graphic designers. And if the idea of customisation sounds enticing, but you’re not sure where to start, read our blog ‘School Planner Ideas and Inspiration’ for guidance and advice.

Teacher Planners: Standard or Customised

Our A4 and A5 standard teacher diaries come with sections and pages for personal information, a 2 week timetable, calendar, year ahead planner, useful contacts (telephone numbers and email addresses), 200 diary pages showing one day per page (7 periods per day) covering 40 weeks of the academic year, a fortnightly timetable section, 6 summary pages, 20 pages of assessment records and 5 pages of notes. Much like our student diaries, our teacher planners can be customised to your liking to best suit your teaching staff.

Parking Banners: Multiple Sizes / Messages

Parking on roads and access points near schools can be a big security, safety and access concern. Give parents the message clearly with our range of parking banners. Available in three sizes and with four messages, each banner is made with high-quality PVC and is hemmed and eyeletted with cable ties for quick, easy installation.

Exam Banner Stands: Colour Options Available

Quick, simple and easy to use - our lightweight and sturdy 'Quiet Please - Examination In Progress' banner stands are a great way to be prepared for exam season. Easily transported and stored, each modern, sleek roller banner comes complete with sturdy twin feet, poles and a padded carry bag. We can even customise the background colour at no extra charge to align with your school’s brand colours.

Prospectuses, Yearbooks and Other School Solutions

We have a range of off-the-shelf solutions to help with exam periods, prom nights, open events and signage. We design and print everything with our specialist team all under one roof, and can custom print anything from yearbooks to school prospectuses. To find out what’s possible and how we can help with your school’s printing needs, call us today on 0800 923 0207 or send us an email here.

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