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July 17, 2017 Mike Spruce


Whether you’re a student or a teacher, we all have busy lives in and out of the classroom, and it can be difficult to keep track of it all. This is where school diaries come in handy! 

But how do you decide which diary is right for you? Should you get a termly or annual planner? What size - A4, A5 or A6?

It can get complicated planning the design and content of school diaries to fit your school’s specific needs, especially when the possibilities can feel endless. However, we’ve simplified these options and listed some factors to consider when ordering your school’s next set of student planners. Or, if you’re really organised, some inspiration for your teacher diaries too.

Choose a Suitable Size:

Getting the right sized planner can make all the difference - too big and you won’t carry it with you, too small and you can’t fit in all of the information you need.

Considering the physical size, an A4 diary is better suited to someone who writes more visual notes whilst an A5 planner is much more transportable. As for date length, if projects span across terms, a yearly planner may be more suitable; whereas, an A6 termly planner is handy for jotting down short notes or important deadlines.

Select Useful Add-Ons:

Stationery works best when it fits your needs, so add-ons may be a way to make your planner fit your lifestyle better. 

From practical additions like an elastic band closure, pen carrier or protective cover to useful tools like a ruler, protractor or page divider - you can make your diary work harder for you by ensuring it has the essentials for your daily life. For example, if you’re the type who can never find a pen when you need it, a pen carrier can make the difference between remembering that important deadline and handing a project in late.

Add Customisation for a Personal Touch:

Whether it’s branding all school stationery with the same consistent designs or personalising front covers with a name section, school diaries can be customised for functionality or creativity. From custom page inserts to custom front / back cover designs, personal touches can make you want to use your diary more often as it feels like an extension of yourself. 

Customisation is great, but what should you do? Some noteworthy examples include:

Front Cover Designs: school crest or logo with a name, address, and academic year, photo of school building, section for student name and class, complete with minimalistic typographic layout and school colours

Back Cover Designs: whiteboard marker wiper board, continued design from the front cover, key term dates, contact information, the school crest or logo

Custom Page Inserts: important term dates, key contact information, school rules and regulations, subject specific resources (mathematics timetables, geography maps, periodic table of elements, etc.)

At School Diaries, we provide high-quality, transparently-priced products and services to our customers. We see pupils and teachers as the unique thinkers and learners that they are, and provide fully customised planner solutions catering to the individual not the masses. To browse our product range, visit:


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