Case Study: Special Educational Needs Planner for Severndale Specialist Academy

December 14, 2017 Mike Spruce

The School

Severndale Specialist Academy is the only Special School in the county of Shropshire and one of the largest Special Schools in the country with over 400 pupils and students on its register. Catering to the educational needs of children and young people between the ages of 2 to 19, their aim is to create a safe and happy environment where all of its pupils can learn and thrive.

The School Planner

Taking pride in everything they do, Severndale Specialist Academy put great emphasis on staff/pupil/home engagement. With this in mind, we worked with Severndale to design a Student Home-School Communication Book which allows interaction and provides a valuable communication tool between school and home.

Using three distinctive designs and changing the content of each book to suit the needs and challenges of each student, these diaries are being used with outstanding success. Each book also contains a plastic pocket which can be used to transport important documentation safely and securely between staff, carers and parents.

The Impact

“We introduced these home-school communication books last year and have since had positive feedback from both parents/carers and school staff. We used a collaborative approach to design the books, asking parents/carers and teachers what sorts of things would be useful to include in the book.

It is concise and informative, with multi-choice options making it easy to read and fill out, with space at the bottom of each page for extra notes. Both parents/carers and teachers like the fact they can communicate daily and inform each other of any matters without necessarily making phone calls. Parents have felt reassured that they get a consistent daily report of their child’s well-being and behaviour from their class teacher and they can reflect this information about home life for teachers too.

Thank you School Diaries for helping design and produce a wonderful communication book!”
- Stephanie Thompson

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