Case Study: The American International School of Bucharest

January 25, 2018 Mike Spruce

School Diaries have been shipping planners overseas for a number of years including to Malta, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Mallorca and even St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Our latest overseas adventure took us to Romania, supplying planners to the American International School of Bucharest.

Designing school diaries for international institutions usually require a more customised approach as some countries adhere to a differing academic calendar to the UK; however, School Diaries have plenty of experience producing tailor-made diaries to suit each and every school’s needs.

The School

The American International School of Bucharest (AISB) was founded in 1962 by the US Embassy to serve the educational needs of the American and international expatriate community. As the school has grown, many local Romanian families have become part of the school community together with expatriate families from government, business, and social welfare organisations.

AISB has a richly diversified population of approximately 830 students from 53 nationalities attending Early Childhood 2 through Grade 12. Romanians comprise approximately 30% of the student population, North Americans 14%, and Israeli, Germans and Japanese 4% each. The remainder are from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and South and Central America.

The School Planner

AISB contacted School Diaries because they were struggling to find a provider who would ‘tailor-make’ a bespoke planner with monthly and daily calendars fitting their needs of a different academic year to the UK’s academic calendar. We carefully designed each page to their requirements, produced two different sizes and shipped the diaries to Romania - all in time for the start of their school term.

The Impact

“We are really finding the planner useful. Among other things, we are finding that the calendar section of the planner is great for students to plan out projects and schedule time for assessments when there are multiple projects scheduled for a single day.

Furthermore, students are really finding the checklist with boxes to tick for daily homework helpful and convenient. This is a great system for students to assure they have completed everything for the next day.”

- Andrew Donham

At School Diaries, we provide high-quality, transparently-priced products and services to our customers. We see pupils and teachers as the unique thinkers and learners that they are and provide fully customised planner solutions catering to the individual, not the masses. To browse our product range, visit:

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