Useful pages to help make the most of your School Diaries school planner

December 14, 2018 Venture Stream Collaborator

We do offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ school planner for easy order through our main website, but for extra efficiency and accuracy, we offer a tailored planner to suit your school and students specifically, with some great additions to help get the most from your planners:


Personalise your calendar by pre-printing all planned school events, trips, parents evenings, holidays and any other significant dates directly. Students can then add their own personal and academic plans, events and things to remember!

Customisable Timetable Pages

Printing an outlined timetable isn’t always the best course of action as classes can change, alongside student options. Including more than one blank timetable will allow students to create their own schedules around classes, as well as having their all information in one easy-to-find place. Plus, added pages allow for any mistakes to be corrected!

Project Progress Pages

For any year-long or long-term ongoing projects, having space in the planner to make small notes about the progress of the project can be helpful to productivity, and enables the student to view the process in which they carried out the project for future reference.

Monthly Checklist

Separate monthly checklist pages for each subject will allow them to keep track of ongoing projects and outline key deadlines. These pages work differently to the general calendar as more detail can be used and tasks can be neatly checked off as they are completed.

Homework Planner

A homework planner works similarly to the timetable, however it provides the student with the opportunity to create their very own homework timetable to suit. Having a set homework timetable helps students to stay organised, get into a good routine with homework and get it in on time!

Course/Subject Overview Pages

These overview pages can be used at the very start of the academic year to write down a brief overview of each subject/course during the introduction classes.  

Blank Note Pages

Sometimes not everything can be covered by a specific page or section! Having blank space for students to personalise with their own notes and reminders can be helpful for productivity.


Space for students to create daily, weekly or monthly goals can help them to stay motivated and focused. These goals can be monitored and measured using these pages to enable students to review their progress.. Allow room for both academic and personal goals - having interest in student life outside of school may encourage them to utilise the planner more effectively.

Meal Plan

As part of your school’s healthy eating initiative, why not provide space for students to create healthy meal plans? You could even incorporate the school lunch menu into the plan so students can plan their lunch ahead!

Exercise Journal

Providing space for students to log and monitor the amount of exercise they are getting can again help to promote a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps include a section for both curricular and extracurricular exercise activities to encourage further physical activity outside of school hours.  

Uniform Code and Behaviour Policy

Outlining expected dress and behaviour code leaves no room for misinterpretation, and also serves as a reference for parents.

Home-School Communication

Having a planner section where home-school communication can take place is crucial to student development. A space for parents or guardians to raise concerns and teachers to comment on any particularly good or bad behaviour can be helpful, enabling schools to understand any home difficulties that could be affecting school life and vice versa. It is a particularly good way to monitor how a student is coping with school commitments. This may not apply to older students who are beginning to become more independent, or those who are in higher education.

A school planner can be customised in so many ways, with additional inserts and sections to suit your school’s specific needs. At School Diaries we provide high-quality, bespoke products and services, tailored to your brand. Amends to standard planners are chargeable. To browse our full product range, visit:

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