Case Study: Customised Primary School Planners

September 11, 2017 Mike Spruce

Primary school diaries are an invaluable resource for simplifying communication between home and school, tracking homework and assessments, and effectively monitoring behaviour management. A custom planner can provide numerous benefits to schools, parents, and pupils with features customised to perfectly fit each key stage or year group. We illustrate one example of a successfully planned and designed primary school diary for Priory School that has made a huge difference to the staff, pupils and parents.

The School

Priory School is a large primary school in Slough, whose school values enable all children to become innovative and creative learners who achieve the highest possible academic, artistic and technical standards throughout all areas of the curriculum.

The School Planner

Given Priory School’s unique educational philosophy and pupil needs, in conjunction with their School Leadership Team (SLT), we developed a diary with some fantastic exercise and healthy eating planning sections.

These were colourfully illustrated to help engage with the younger Key Stage 2 children and to help promote these activities each day of term. Other valuable resources include:

  • Cursive writing techniques
  • Times table squares
  • Spelling lists
  • List of European capital cities
  • Merit reward pages
  • School packed lunch policy
  • Priory School expectations

The Impact

“Priory School has worked in conjunction with School Diaries to design a bespoke planner for our pupils which included articles to encourage healthy diet and exercise. We have been found the planners invaluable as a home to school communication tool. School Diaries have consulted us on every stage of the process and have produced a high-quality product.” - Jo McGovern

At School Diaries, we provide high-quality, transparently-priced products and services to our customers. We see pupils and teachers as the unique thinkers and learners that they are and provide fully customised planner solutions catering to the individual, not the masses. To browse our product range, visit:

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